European network upgrade

RETN, according to the program of proactive management of quality of Global IP Transit services, and proceeding growth of the traffic skipped on a network, upgraded the European segment of the IP network, having expanded a link between the Northern Europe routers and the Western Europe routers, enlarging a pass-band to 30 Gbps.


Working with EQUINIX

RETN has become a participant of the traffic exchange point EQUINIX in Tokio (Tokio, Equinix TY2, 3-8-21 Higashi-Shinagawa Shinagawa-ku, 140-0002). This is the 17th traffic exchange point where RETN is involved.


DWDM Moscow – Tula – Lipetsk – Voronezh – Belgorod – Kharkov – Kiev – Lvov

Route_5RETN has started testing the new DWDM international route Moscow – Tula – Lipetsk – Voronezh – Belgorod – Russian-Ukrainian border – Kharkov – Kiev – Lvov. Capacity of the started equipment – 100 Gbps (10×10 GE). New points of access are organised in Kharkov (Academician Proskury st., 12 and Korasnooktjabrsky st., 6, ITL), Kiev (Gaydar’s st., 50, NewNelco) and Lvov (Doroshenko st., 41). The total capacity of RETN`s Russian transboundary transitions has reached 500 Gbps.


Working with PaNAP

RETN has  become a participant of the Paris Internet traffic exchange point PaNAP (Paris Network Access Point). (PaNAP, Telehouse, Boulevard Voltaire, 75011, Paris, France). This is the 10th European traffic exchange and the 16th worldwide point where RETN is involved.


Saint-Petersburg – Helsinki – Stockholm DWDM upgrade

DWDM equipment on the northern route of the  RETN netrwork (Saint-Petersburg – Helsinki – Stockholm) has been upgraded. Now the capacity on this distance  is completely reserved by cabel lines and by photonic transport equipment. The total capacity of northern transboundary in a current configuration of the equipment makes 400 Gbps.


RETN centre in Tokio

Commercial operation of RETN centre in Tokio, Japan, has been launched (Equinix TY2, 3-8-21 Higashi-Shinagawa Shinagawa-ku, 140-0002).


New line USA – Hong Kong

New trunk line launched between USA and Hong Kong. Two RETN nodes launched in Hong
Kong in data-centres HKcolo (Hong Kong, HKColo, 3/F, Sino Favour Center, 1 on
Yip St. Chai Wan) and MEGATOP (Hong Kong, MEGATOP, Mega-iAdvantage, 399 Chai
Wan Road, Chai Wan).

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