New line Paris – Ashburn

A new trunk line has been launched between Europe and North America, linking Paris and Ashburn, with a throughput capacity of 10 Gbps. The new line became part of RETN’s 10GE Trans-Atlantic IP “ring”. The ring’s traffic capacity is soon to be upgraded to 20 Gbps.


Juniper MX routers

As a way to proactively anticipate traffic growth, the core of the RETN IP trunk network has been switched to Juniper MX routers. The IP network core currently uses 6 Juniper MX routers: in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Stockholm, Amsterdam, New York and Ashburn (Washington DC)


New node in Paris

A new node has gone into commercial operation in Paris (Telehouse, Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris) with a throughput capacity of 8х10 Gbps.

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