Working with Any2

RETN has become a participant of the Internet traffic exchange point Any2 in Los Angeles (One Wilshire , 624 South Grand Avenue, Suite 110, Los Angeles, CA 90017). This is the RETN’s 3rd traffic exchange point in the USA.


Working with BNIX

RETN has become a participant of the Brussels Internet traffic exchange point (BNIX, Interxion Belgium n.v. Wezembeekstraat 2 Bus 1 B – 1930 Zaventem). This is the 9th European traffic exchange point where RETN is involved.


RETN centre in Zurich

Commercial operation of RETN centre in Zurich, Switzerland, has been launched (Interxion/Nexellent, Saegereistrasse 29, 8152 Glattbrug, Switzerland).

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