Inoventica and RETN’s Multimillion Contract

Moscow, Russia

The head company of Inoventica Group – JSC “Communications for innovation” – and JSC “RetnNet” have resolved to develop the backbone network in the Russian Federation through a joint venture.

The project, transpiring in the Central and Volga federal districts, provides an opportunity for the installation of RETN’s multiplexors by technology Alien Wavelength, with a bandwidth of 100Gbps, on top of Inoventica’s DWDM backbone. The total length of the created infrastructure by JSC “RetnNet” is 2276 km.

“Through regular improvement of Inoventica’s ICT structure, we have ensured that our network allows for the successful organisation of 100Mbps channels using equipment from different manufacturers without interference,” – said Pavel Pozdnyakov, acting General Director, and Inoventica’s Commercial Director.

As a result of this project RETN will increase both channel capacity and the number of their points of presence, as well as provide a redundancy route for the network; Inoventica will receive additional revenue in the tens of millions of roubles a year.

“Cooperation with Inoventica Group provides opportunities for “RetnNet” to rapidly expand RETN’s high-performance network throughout Russia through cost optimisation of network expansion for routes in strategically important areas,” – noted Maxim Syunikov, General Director of JSC “RetnNet”.


Inoventica Group – Russia’s first IT operator – executes projects on construction of public, private, and hybrid ‘clouds’ on a national scale by providing access to single pool of distributed information resources of the Group and their partners on the basis of their own ICT infrastructure. The Group includes the following companies: JSC “Communications for innovation”, LLC “Inoventica Technologies”, LLC “Garant-Park-Internet”, LLC “Radio Television Communication». Inoventica Group’s partners and customers include upwards of 5,000 clients, 30% of which are public entities and institutions, SMB segment companies, large corporations, system integrators, telecom operators, hosting providers, and data centre operators.

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JSC “RetnNet” – Russia’s backbone network operator, is part of the international RETN Group, providing a variety of services including capacity lease, IP transit, and the organisation of private networks for large corporate clients, telecom providers, and ISPs. Since its inception in 2003, RETN has shown constant growth, continuously increasing its network coverage and capacity. Currently, the network covers 24 countries spanning across Europe, Asia, and North America.

RETN has considerable bandwidth between Russia and Europe, reaching 1Tbit/s on each of the four routes, as a result of its homogenous pan-European cross-border DWDM infrastructure and IP network. The RETN network provides a significant part of the international data exchange for Russia and the CIS.

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Alexei Kipchatov

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RETN Group