“Few people know that…”

The article titled «Волоконно-оптический суверенитет» (Eng. «Fiber-optic sovereignty»), appeared on 07.10.2014 in the Russian magazine «Expert Online», contains misleading information about RETN Capital Ltd. We find it necessary to officially refute the statements concerning our company which were mentioned in this article:

  1. RETN Capital Ltd. wasn’t bought by Rostelecom.
  2. Description of the RETN’s backbone doesn’t correspond to the facts.
  3. Quantitative measurements of the bandwidth capacity in the text are 400 (!) times lower than the real capacity of the RETN’s network.

All the latest news of our company and information about the size and capacity of the RETN’s backbone is published and updated on the website: about RETN Group of company – retn/net/sho/about-retn/; RETN backbone map – retn.net/ru/network/network-maps/; RETN PoPs – retn.net/ru/network/pops/.

The official letter notifying the false information about the RETN Group of companies was send to the editorial staff of «Expert Online».

All other estimated figures in the article could be also called doubtful by a competent reader. To our mind, the materials published in such analytical journals should at least provide links to the sources of information and be based on real interviews with professionals or representatives of the companies.


RETN is a group of companies with offices in Western and Eastern Europe, focused on providing high capacity network services across its ever-expanding fibre-optic international backbone. RETN’s network connects 25 countries across Europe, Asia and North America and has more than 150 own PoPs. Its homogeneous pan-European DWDM infrastructure and associated IP network provides significant bandwidth capacity among all four primary traffic routes between Russia and Central Europe, with current loadings exceeding 1 Tbps on each route.

Contact person:

Daria Soroka

Marketing manager RETN