RETN becomes Netnod Reach Partner

RETN has joined the Netnod Reach partner program to provide remote peering in Sweden to its many corporate and carrier customers from around the globe. As an official Netnod Reach partner, RETN can engage clients at any point of presence on its network and resell peering ports to Sweden’s leading Internet Exchange.

Netnod reach_2

“Initially we were active in the Russian and Eastern European markets, but extended our network to Western Europe, North America and Asia in line with our customer’s requirements.

The benefits of peering become ever more obvious to all customers and RETN is committed to making the peering process seamless and hassle free for them. Having joined the Netnod Reach partner programme, we can now allow our existing and potential customers to access the benefits of peering at Netnod without the hassle of setting up a point of presence in Sweden,” says Tony O’Sullivan, Director of RETN Ltd.

“We are very pleased and proud to partner up with RETN and its extensive network across Eastern Europe and Russia. There is a strong demand to connect to Netnod from those regions and the Netnod Reach program allows networks to do so in a simple and quick manner. RETN has a strong record of stability and technical competence, and we’re confident that the partnership will be a successful one. Netnod Reach is an easy, fast and cost-effective way to peer in Stockholm without the overhead of a full IXP commitment allowing you to test the waters with the visibility and technical benefits of a fully peering customer,” says Kurt Erik Lindqvist, CEO of Netnod.


About RETN

RETN is an international telecommunications backbone provider which offers a variety of services including Capacity, IP transit, VPNs, Remote Peering, Virtual PoPs and colocation to large corporate clients, carriers and ISPs. Since its foundation RETN has constantly expanded it’s operating territory. RETN has lit up over 28000 km of fiber on it’s pan-European cross-border network which connects 26 countries across Europe, Asia and North America, with a heavy presence in the high growth markets of Eastern Europe and Russia. RETN currently carries a serious amount of Russian and Ukrainian international traffic. The homogeneous DWDM infrastructure of the network together with the associated IP circuits has significant capacity on the four routes between Asia and the West with a total bandwidth of 5 Tbps. RETN has several regional offices to provide RETN’s services in various territories.


Daria Soroka, Marketing manager RETN


Phone: +7 495 663 1640


About Netnod

Netnod is a not-for-profit, neutral and independent Internet infrastructure organisation, based in Sweden. Netnod operates exchange points (IXPs) in Sweden and Denmark, where Internet operators exchange traffic through peering. The Netnod IXP has among the highest amount of traffic per peer in Europe.

Netnod is also the proud operator of, one of the thirteen logical DNS root name servers in the world – a critical part of the Internet underlying infrastructure. This service is provided as a public service to the Internet community at-large. Finally, Netnod provides DNS anycast and unicast slave services to TLDs worldwide through its highly respected and robust DNSNODE product.


Kurt Erik Lindqvist, CEO, Netnod


Phone: +46 8 56286000