New DWDM route Tallinn-Riga

RETN has lit up Tallinn-Riga – a DWDM route that fully closes the technologically homogeneous and commercially seamless trans-Baltic DWDM route Helsinki-Tallinn-Riga-Vilnius-Warsaw.

The new fiber connects all Baltic States with the Northern and Central European RETN transit routes and, consequently with major international data hubs. The completed route improves the reliability and resilience of RETN’s network ring structure.

The new route utilises Infinera DTN-X WDM equipment based on 500G Super-Channel technology with system bandwidth reaching 8 Tbps. The length of the new DWDM fiber section is 473 km, while the total length of the trans-Baltic route Helsinki-Tallinn-Riga-Vilnius-Warsaw comes to 1400 km.