Latvia is becoming heftier in the industry of data transit

The telecommunications company LVRTC launched an optical cable section Riga – Valga which closed final link of the Baltic ring on the RETN international network.

Latvia has strengthened its position in the global Internet traffic transit system due to the launch of a section of telecommunications optical network between Riga and Valga. The optical fiber is laid by SJSC “Latvia State Radio and Television Centre” (LVRTC). This section may truly be considered as one of the most important links in consolidation of telecommunications infrastructures of the Baltic countries that RETN’s backbone network is crossing. Due to the completion of this section, in January 2015 the international backbone operator RETN put into operation a trans-Baltic route stretching from Finland to Poland and passing through the cities of the Baltic states (Tallinn-Riga-Kaunas). The launched route utilises the latest Infinera WDM equipment based on 500G super-channel technology and has a bandwidth of 8 Tbps.

“Cooperation with LVRTC made a noticeable contribution to the realization of the trans-Baltic route project which provided direct path for traffic between northern and southern Europe. The work done by LVRTC is an essential step in the informational fusion of the Baltic countries. Exploitation of this route for Internet traffic and data transmission will expand economic and cultural possibilities of the Baltic region,” stated Leonid Shuralev, Director of RETN Baltic. “We’d also like to stress innovative methods in LVRTC’s work. During our cooperation all the agreements between RETN Baltic and LVRTC were signed distantly with the help of digital electronic signature.”

„LVRTC began working on the development of the optical backbone network already more than five years ago, yet the actual construction works started only in 2013. The principal goals of the project were and still are to build an available and open infrastructure for data transmission in Latvia for electronic communication service providers and to connect the towers owned by LVRTC with an optical cable thus providing a long-term use of the investment made before by LVRTC. Another goal of the optical backbone network was to expand the range of services provided by the company to local and international operators. The RETN network is one of the widest networks in the Baltic region and even in the world which is owned and directly managed by a single operator. It extends from Asia to the USA and has a powerful coverage in the Eastern- and Western Europe. The connection of the optical Riga–Valga channel to the RETN network is a significant stage in creating a secure and fast connectivity between the Baltics and the global Internet. The cooperation of LVRTC and RETN shows the importance of an open and available transit data transmission backbone network through Latvia for international operators to provide the integration of the Baltic countries in the modern informational space so that customers can contact any European and Asian country without difficulties,” emphasized Jānis Bokta, the Chairman of the LVRTC Board.



LVRTC is the leading service provider of infrastructure for electronic communications, providing quality and secure telecommunication solutions to the most significant operators of mobile, internet, and telecommunications, as well as to state institutions. LVRTC is also the only digital signature service provider for individuals, state, municipal institutions, and private companies in Latvia.

About RETN

 RETN is an international telecommunications provider which develops its own fiber-optic network of high capacity and provides a wide range of telecommunications services to enterprises and carriers. RETN’s backbone network connects 26 countries across Europe, Asia and America and has over 160 PoPs. The total length of the RETN network routes exceeds 30 000 km. The homogeneous DWDM and IP infrastructure of the network has significant capacity on the four routes between Asia and the West with a current total bandwidth of more than 5 Tbps.

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