RETN PoP at IPHH data center in Hamburg

RETN have been improving our network connectivity in Germany the last few months. One of the new DWDM PoPs is located at IPHH data center in Hamburg:

Internet Port Hamburg GmbH
Wendenstraße 408
20537 Hamburg

We can provide all the services from our portfolio at IPHH.

IPHH owns and operates one of the main interconnection data centers in Hamburg and is home to many corporate customers, network operators, DNS root name servers and two internet exchange points. IPHH provides high energy efficiency and fast cross-connect delivery times refined with skilled on-site services and ISO 27001 certified data centers.

Check out our new PoP locations in Germany (Stuttgart, Frankfurt), Latvia (Riga), Poland (Warsaw) and Russia in the recently updated PoPs list online.