About RETN

Who we are & what we do

  • International network service provider, a key provider of international data transmission services
  • One of the fastest growing independent European providers, with a unique capability to connect Europe and Asia
  • An essential part of European internet infrastructure
  • IP Transit and Capacity services provided to international and local ISPs
  • Provision of connectivity services (VPNs, Internet Access etc.) to large and medium enterprises from different industries, organisations from financial and governmental sectors
  • Extensive network coverage: own end-to-end running through Western Europe, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and onwards to the Chinese border
  • Metro-fibre networks in major cities of Eastern and Western Europe
  • Highly interconnected network due to direct connections to various data-centers and IXPs
  • Significant volumes of international traffic carried over the network

Key facts about RETN

119 000 km of network routes

3 continents, 40 countries connected

1800+ clients

300+ on-net PoPs

200+ Dedicated, Passionate Staff

16 Tbps capacity of the EU network core

RETN Executive Committee


How we operate


RETN – a group of companies, governed by RETN Capital Ltd registered in the UK. Independent privately owned business entity (financially, administratively not affiliated with any other company).

RETN’s regional offices with local representatives in Europe and Asia:


UK | Germany | Sweden| Netherlands | Italy

 Estonia | Latvia Poland | Ukraine | Belarus | Russia 

Hong Kong | Kazakhstan |Taiwan | Georgia | Armenia


RETN team = 200+  passionate people working hard to provide integrated connectivity solutions in various territories.

We offer similar service quality, pricing policy and technical support to our customers in each region due to unified development strategy and network technical specifications.


RETN Capital Ltd. Certificates


RETN Milestones

2003-2006 – Foundation

  • Founded by two Russian engineers who owned an ISP in St. Petersburg and intended to build their own international IP network;
  • RETN Ltd. Headquarters established in London;
  • First PoPs (London, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Moscow) set up. Provision of IP transit services over leased fibre;
  • RETN becomes member of world’s major Internet Exchange Platforms: AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, MSK-IX, Equinix Ashburn.

2007-2009 – Crossing borders

  • Own DWDM route Moscow-St.Petersburg-Helsinki-Stockholm. RETN – first operator to own trans-border fibre at the Russian border with Finland, and provide a truly international IP Transit service;
  • New PoPs in Central and Eastern Europe, North America and Asia;
  • Transit DWDM route Moscow-Kiyv. RETN – first operator to own trans-border fibre at the Russian border with Ukraine;
  • Network development in Central and Southern Russia. Significant client base is formed consisting of major Russian providers of the time;
  • Completion of European DWDM ring from Moscow to Frankfurt via Scandinavia and back to Moscow via Ukraine;

RETN became synonymous in the European market with delivering high capacity carrier services at competitive price points, disrupting the existing market with fast provisioning and flexible contract terms.

2010-2013 – Getting stronger: redundancy of the core DWDM ring

  • New DWDM routes in Ukraine; secondary Moscow-Kiev route via Kamensk-Shakhtinsky and Donetsk;
  • DWDM backbone extension to Belarus;
  • Completion of a new transit DWDM route from Russia to Western Europe via Ukraine, Poland and Germany;
  • Penetration into the northern parts of Russia – Ural and Siberia; services based on leased capacity;
  • Starting to switching over to 100G technology.

2014 – 2016 – Exploring new destinations

  • Network expansion to Baltics states to provide DWDM and IP connectivity to the customers in the region. Launching of Trans-Baltic DWDM route from Northern to Western Europe;
  • Construction of DWDM route Saratov – Uralsk (Kazakhstan);
  • 100G DWDM ring connecting main cities in Volga region and Ural (from Nizhny Novgorod via Kazan and Yekaterinburg to Saratov);
  • RETN becomes official partner of the leading international IXPs to provide remote peering services worldwide;
  • Multiple PoPs are being launched in Western Europe, Russian Far East and Asia;
  • First announcement of TRANKZ: a unique terrestrial project connecting Europe and Asia on the RETN network. Completion of the route via Kazakhstan (in partnership with JSC “Transtelecom”) to Hong Kong;
  • Expansion into the Balkans by adding PoP in Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia;
  • Launch of the DWDM route Bratislava – Warsaw –Brest;
  • Major fibre purchase and multiple new PoPs in DACH region to coincide with the development of RETN Gmbh office in Frankfurt.

2017 – 2019 – Strengthening presence in Europe and Asia

  • RETN Offices opened in Hong Kong, Almaty, Amsterdam, Stockholm;
  • New PoPs launched in Eastern and Western Europe (Warsaw, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, London etc.);
  • Set up of new PoPs and routes throughout Europe (Madrid-Marseille; the shortest fibre connection Hamburg-Frankfurt etc.);
  • Expanding global footprint with new PoPs in Asia (Seoul), USA (Ashburn), Canada (Toronto);
  • Acquisition of OPTRON SIA, a fibre-based metro network service provider in Riga, Latvia. Now RETN Baltic SIA;
  • New Moscow DWDM ring launched: we keep on developing metro networks in Europe;
  • Network developments in Baltics: new high-speed fibre optic route Moscow-Riga launched, followed by the second undersea cable connection Helsinki-Tallinn;
  • Adding PoPs in Middle East, Asia/APAC: Istanbul, Taipei, Tokyo (connected to Hong Kong and Taipei and to Russia via Khabarovsk);
  • Completion of the DWDM routes upgrade in Kazakhstan: Northern, Central ways are up and running. Finalisation of the TRANSKZ project by completing Southern Way and DWDM route via Belarus;
  • RETN Offices opened in Taipei, Tbilisi and Yerevan to serve the new markets and deliver better global connectivity and services;
  • RETN was granted a number of significant industry awards: TRANSKZ won “Project of the Year – Terrestrial” by Global Carrier Awards; RETN FUE (Ukraine) won the award of the year 2019 in Ukraine, in the nomination “Backbone networks and transport services” by Telecom Ukraine.

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