RETN builds two new PoPs in Amsterdam

International network service provider RETN has announced its network expansion with two new PoPs in Amsterdam taking the total number to 10 in the capital of the Netherlands and 3 more in other cities. New PoPs are launching in major European cities to improve local connectivity, provide much better uptime, SLA, redundancy and reliability for RETN customers.

The PoPs are significant for organisations that consider providing their services to emerging markets in Asia. In the Netherlands, the company provides its services to hosting & infrastructure provider Their customers are connected to the RETN TRANSKZ network, one of the shortest terrestrial routes in the market, connecting Europe and Asia.

The first of two new POPs is located at Maincubes AMS 01 data centre within the Amsterdam Schiphol campus. Businesses hosted in this DC at Capronilaan 2, 1119 NR, Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands can now benefit from RETN’s Layer 2 and DWDM services up to N x 100G.

The second POP is situated within Science Park Campus at Equinix AM3 data centre. RETN continues to improve the connectivity of local customers by providing the full suite of Layer 2 services. Further services will soon be available at Equinix AM3 data centre. The PoP address is Science Park 610, 1098 XH, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“Amsterdam is one of the main Internet hubs in the world and of huge important to RETN. We are constantly looking for ways to extend our metro network, to support the growing needs of our customers. We are sure, that our continuous cooperation with innovative data centres like Maincubes and Equinix is beneficial for both sides. Customers of such data centres usually require local and global connectivity services – and RETN provides unique services between West and East as the leading carrier of traffic to Eastern Europe, Russia and beyond into central and far East Asia on the TransKZ terrestrial cable system, as well as providing the more traditional Western European traffic destinations. We offer the same level of service quality, local support and understanding of the local business culture in all territories on our network.” – Luc Janssen, Managing Director at RETN BV.


RETN third PoP in Paris at Equinix PA2 data center

International network service provider RETN announces completion of a new PoP in Paris, which is located at the Equinix PA2 data center and directly connected to Telehouse Voltaire. RETN’s third PoP in Paris is positioned to offer even better connectivity. The two other RETN’s PoPs in Paris are connected and directly linked with points of presence in Marseille, Madrid, Frankfurt, and Brussels. The PoP at Equinix PA2 is the latest addition and a new address in the RETN list of points of presents, which now exceeds 800 globally.

This new PoP can provide RETN’s ful suite of Layer 2 and Layer 3 services, improving local connectivity for our French customers. DWDM services will be coming soon. Equinix PA2 is located at 114 Rue Ambroise Croizat, Saint Denis, France, 93200.


RETN deploys metro fiber-rings in London

The new ring-based architecture supports incremental traffic growth to the key data centres on RETN’s metro area network and facilitates migration to 100G technologies. For customers – a greater resilience and availability of high-capacity IP-transit service delivered in shorter timeframes.

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