New node in New York

A RETN node has been launched in New York (Telehouse 25 Broadway 6th Floor Site 8, New York, NY 10004, USA), becoming the 4th RETN hub in the US and the 2nd one in New York. The link between the new hub and the London-based RETN node has a throughput capacity of 10G.


New node in Berlin

Access node launched in Berlin (Berlin, CarrierColo, c/o IPB GmbH, Lutzowstrasse, 105/106, D-10785).  Berlin-based RETN is linked to the RETN hubs in Stockholm and Frankfurt via lines with 10G throughput capacity.


New node in Paris

A new node has gone into commercial operation in Paris (Telehouse, Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris) with a throughput capacity of 8х10 Gbps.

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