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IT-Region has extensive experience in the field of network solutions and specialises in the implementation of complex projects for the construction of effective business management systems. RETN has been working with IT-Region since 2014, helping its clients with high-quality connections and timely solutions.

Andrey Spitsyn, Director at IT-Region: «Back in 2013, a representative of RETN from Moscow called us and offered cooperation. It took quite some time to find common ground, but in 2014 we established a productive partnership. RETN was the first company that was ready to provide communication services for the whole group of our companies – that’s why we chose RETN.
We are constantly growing and developing with the help of our very reliable and high-quality uplinks, one of which is RETN, which transports circa 30% of our traffic volume. We enjoy working with the company and among other things, I would like to highlight the RETN team because it is always pleasant and comfortable to work with.
Out of our long history of cooperation, we remember one special case, that happened on New Year’s Eve a few years ago. There were some problems with the equipment around 23:00, and because of this, 4 cities had been left without the Internet. At that time, RETN was our only supplier, and since it happened on New Year’s Eve, we were afraid that the situation would not be solved soon, which would be a big blow to our reputation. But then RETN showed us its customer service. We still remember with great gratitude this case. The company’s employee on duty found the backup equipment in 30-40 minutes, prepared it, got permission to the access node, drove there, replaced the equipment, and thereby restored the service around 23:50, just before the chimes struck. It was such a New Year’s magic from RETN»


Rechenzentrum der Finanzverwaltung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen chooses RETN for IP Transit


Company overview:

Rechenzentrum der Finanzverwaltung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (RZ NRW) – is the IT authority in the department of the Ministry of Finances of North Rhine-Westphalia. The official IT service provider was founded in 1957 and since then the company has taken charge of developing applications for tax assessment, audit services, and enforcement for the federal states’ financial administrations. RZ NRW is also responsible for the pioneering introduction of the electronic income tax card.

– Industry: Financial Services / National Treasury
– Geography: Germany, Düsseldorf– Derendorf, North Rhine-Westphalia
– Company size: approx. 750 people


RZ NRW needed a reliable global IP Transit provider which could provide service with premium SLA and acceptable price points at their chosen interconnection sites. To find the best solution, an RFP was issued in 2019 and RETN proved to be amongst the best options and following further intense evaluation was nominated as a winning bidder as part of a multi-home topology.


RETN’s extended footprint, global connectivity, and strong localized peering relationships all proved valuable in the successful bid, enhancing the quality of the internet access received by RZ NRW.

– Access to one of the most valuable IP Transit Providers in the market
– Extended Global connectivity
– Comprehensive BGP Communities
– Advanced Route Leaks prevention with RPKI Origin Validation
– Wide choice of DDoS Protection Solutions
– Experienced and Support Team

Axel Schemberg, Expert Advisor for Rechenzentrum der Finanzverwaltung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen: “We felt that RETN is a flexible partner, who is always ready for cooperation, and their attitude and approach to our special requirements proves it. I must admit, that in terms of communication style, it is always a pleasure to work with RETN’s team, because they are always ready to respond on our requests quickly and professionally. Another advantage of collaboration with RETN is that they speak German and understand the local business culture. Regarding the technical part, I want to mention, that we always receive clear and simple technical coordination, professional support with BGP setup and as well high quality of IPT services.”

More Ice Hockey World Cup in Latvia 21.05. – 06.06.2021

Company overview:

VIDI ( – is a global independent service provider with more than thirty-five years of experience in professional live TV broadcast services. The company supports its clients worldwide in the field of converging broadcast and telecommunication technologies for events and for permanent networks. VIDI broadcasted events such as: Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 in Latvia, various Wintersports Events from Oberhof and Oberstdorf in 2020/21, Rugby WM 2019 in Japan, Soccer World Cup 2018 in Russia, Women’s Soccer World Cup 2019 in France and many others.

• Industry: TV, broadcast and telecommunications
• Geography: worldwide, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany
• Company size: 18 people in the core team plus freelancers worldwide


Covid-19 brought a lot of challenges to most industries, with the events industry one of the most heavily affected. All of the elements which in normal times are constants; location, date, time etc suddenly became potential variables. Factoring in these variables became an essential part of planning, even for remote access provided by broadcast services. The Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 was not an exception, showing that planning and partner choice count. VIDI came to RETN to be a reliable partner in Latvia to organize the live broadcast of that competition, which took place in Riga from 21 of May to 6 of June 2021.


RETN provided a complex solution for the customer, including redundant long haul wavelengths services from Riga to Frankfurt and Riga to London as well as fully monitored last miles to the event facilities. The main goal was to provide 100% stable connectivity for the live broadcast. There were very challenging delivery terms, exacerbated by the last-minute changes on the venue side. The RETN local team excelled and demonstrated their flexibility by supporting the changed customer venue – migrating all equipment from the Riga Arena to the alternative location, the Olympic Centre TV compound. This was done on a weekend, performing reconfiguration and testing of services over night.

Live broadcasting of Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 lasted for 2 weeks and was broadcast without interruption or quality issues thanks to the network services from RETN.

Karsten Winterberg, Owner and Technical Director at VIDI: “We are very much satisfied with RETN’s speed in delivery, the customer focus, the willingness and flexibility to react on changes announced last minute. We know how challenging the event business can be, though we are happy to have a stable and strong partner like RETN to deal with such complex projects. Last but not least, we appreciate the technical skills and excellence of the team on site, being available at any time supporting the setup and changes with their local knowledge and experience.”

Mario Kohl, Chief Sales Officer at RETN: “We knew from our initial conversations that VIDI would request our full technical support at the Event venue. Working with VIDI means that we as RETN have to deliver a quality of service beyond typical standards with a highly consistent service quality. I’m delighted that we met VIDI’s and their customers’ expectations.”



Korbank is the largest local independent telecommunications operator in Wroclaw and Radom (Poland). RETN has been working with the company since 2017, together we helped Korbank’s clients to receive the best broadband Internet services.

Korbank was found in 1992 and since then was providing telecommunications services to both retail and business clients in Lower Silesia and Masovia regions.

Comment of Tymoteusz Bilyk, CEO at Korbank:

« We have been working successfully with RETN Poland Sp. z.o.o. for many years. High quality of services and competitive prices are the undoubted advantages of the company. RETN always takes into consideration all aspects of client’s portfolio, and the offer is prepared in an accessible and transparent way. Thanks to professional service and appropriate approach, we always feel as a customer served with proper attention and commitment, and the company identifies our needs without any mistakes»


RETN third PoP in Paris at Equinix PA2 data center

International network service provider RETN announces completion of a new PoP in Paris, which is located at the Equinix PA2 data center and directly connected to Telehouse Voltaire. RETN’s third PoP in Paris is positioned to offer even better connectivity. The two other RETN’s PoPs in Paris are connected and directly linked with points of presence in Marseille, Madrid, Frankfurt, and Brussels. The PoP at Equinix PA2 is the latest addition and a new address in the RETN list of points of presents, which now exceeds 800 globally.

This new PoP can provide RETN’s ful suite of Layer 2 and Layer 3 services, improving local connectivity for our French customers. DWDM services will be coming soon. Equinix PA2 is located at 114 Rue Ambroise Croizat, Saint Denis, France, 93200.


RETN Baltics became the authorized solution provider partner of DELL Technologies

We are proud to announce that RETN Baltics became the authorized solution provider partner of DELL Technologies.

Maxim Lukoshius, Chairman of the board, Technical Director of RETN Baltics: “ We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services for all of our customers in the Baltic region and around the world. DELL was an obvious choice for us, we are both focused on providing market leading, reliable yet cost-effective solutions to our customers, by choosing DELL we are sure our customer will receive the seamless experience they expect. We look forward to continued cooperation with DELL and increased technical collaboration to further improve the RETN customer experience.”

To learn more about all RETN services check our website page.


RETN provides low latency terrestrial routes to Asia for customers are now connected to the RETN TRANSKZ network, one of the shortest terrestrial routes in the market, connecting Europe and Asia. This terrestrial network features a unique cable system, which allows our customers to benefit from lower latencies and higher service reliability on the way from Europe and Russia to Hong Kong and beyond.

TRANSKZ provides a valuable alternative to subsea cables. As a terrestrial cable system, it requires less time to repair in case of fiber cuts compared to subsea (hours vs. weeks). It is also shorter which improves its performance due to low network latencies. Having multiple alternative routes allows RETN to meet SLA with 99.7% availability. Leveraging the high level of network diversity, equipment resiliency and network performance, our client can offer their customers much better uptime, redundancy, and reliability.

Comment of Martijn Schmidt, VP of Network at

“The Eurasian connectivity solution is a new highlight in the close partnership between RETN and It complements already deployed infrastructure between Western and Eastern Europe based on RETN’s network running through Scandinavia, the Baltic states, and Ukraine. RETN always seems to exceed our expectations, especially when it comes to providing connectivity in the more challenging regions, and now on the whole way from Europe to Asia and back.

Over the years RETN demonstrated high expertise, combined with open and honest communication, flexible approach, and solid SLA’s. We are very happy to have a point of contact from RETN in different regions and receive excellent local service and support which allows us to have new connections up and running within a matter of a few days. Together, we are pushing the envelope in the world of online gaming for these regions.

We hope to help in connecting even more end-users across the globe to network in their pursuit to provide low latency to a billion users by 2025.”


RETN announces appointment of New CEO

The RETN Board of Directors are pleased to announce the appointment of Tony O’Sullivan as the new CEO. Tony has taken over reins as CEO from one of the RETN founders, Dmitry Samarin. Dmitry will remain with RETN as Chairman of the Board focusing on shareholders relations and strategy.

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