International Private Lines (Ukraine)

The Ukrainian legal entity RETN, part of the RETN group, has obtained the license for International Private Lines (IPLC) covering the territory of the Ukraine. The license term is 10 years. Now RETN is legally capable of delivering IPLC from the Ukraine to Europe, Russia and other parts of the world. Prior to obtaining the license most of RETN business in the Ukraine was related to IP services. At the moment the total active capacity, which goes through the Ukraine, exceeds 600 Gbps and 300 Gbps.


New line Frankfurt — Paris — London

The RETN Group has launched a new backbone portion connecting Frankfurt, Paris and London. New DWDM network segment is built with the help of new generation Infinera ILS2. The scalable network solution is based on distributed Raman amplifiers and BMM2 cards and allows 1 600 Gbps upgrade as well as delivery of 100 Gbps lambdas. And it doesn’t require further upgrade of optical fibers and amplifiers. The total length of the RETN network has reached 14 000 kilometers.