RETN IP Transit

RETN IP Transit is a carrier-grade service that provides interconnection between the customer’s IP network and the global internet based on the RETN IP network. This service is suitable for the customers with their own Autonomous System (AS) who are able to set up connection by means of BGP protocol. Read more about RETN’s routing policy here.

RETN Internet Access

RETN Internet Access provides customers with access to the same carrier grade IP Transit service and support using RETN’s AS9002. This service type is for corporate customers and service providers who don’t have an AS number, but need robust high-speed access to the internet.

For both types of Internet service setup can be as simple as establishing a cross-connect between RETN’s equipment and your infrastructure at any RETN PoP. If you are not present at a RETN PoP speak to us and we can help you through the process of connecting to our network.

Redundant connectivity is available in most locations to ensure unparalleled uptime. RETN sets up redundant connectivity by configuring two identical routers (primary and backup). The backup router is used if the primary one fails.

IP Transit and Internet Access are available at any speed up to n x 100Gbps.

RETN Internet service is safeguarded by basic anti-DDoS security, deployed across the network and available to all customers by default: deprioritisation of traffic and blackholing. We also offer a range of supplementary DDoS protection methods to enhance service availability; Extended Blackhole, FlowSpec and Arbor solution (the last option is also suitable for RETN Internet Access clients). All protection methods are described in RETN IP Guard service.


Service Features and Benefits

  • Expansive network coverage
  • One of the best interconnected networks in the world
  • Available at over 300 PoPs on-net worldwide
  • Multiple 100 G based backbone
  • 100 G ports available
  • Double IPv4/IPv6 stack
  • Redundant access optional
  • Multiple BGP sessions on a single port
  • Manageable routing policy by BGP communities
  • DDoS protection offered as standard across RETN’s network
  • Flexible billing and contract terms