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These FAQs section is intended to provide answers to basic questions about the RETN NOC, Customer Portal and some major service issues. For more information about our network and services check out the links below the page or send a request using the contact form.

When should I contact the RETN NOC?

Any time you experience a problem with our service or have a technical question about the service provided by RETN. Our technical team is available 24x7x365 and support all clients of RETN Group of Companies who buy our services.

What do I need to get the support?

All you need to get the support is tell us your Customer ID and Service ID and explain the issue clearly when contacting the RETN NOC.

What is the best way to get in touch with the RETN NOC?

The most preferable way to contact the RETN NOC is by e-mail to or via online contact form. Your request won’t be left unattended as all engineers at RETN technical department receive these emails. For urgent matters you can use one of direct phones. See all options to contact NOC here.

What is the RETN Customer Portal?

This is a supporting platform that allows you to:

– check the status of your invoices

– access the list of contacts responsible to solve different kinds of issues

– check the list of services you are and service status

– examine traffic charts, such as traffic load rate, inbound and outbound traffic amounts

– open trouble tickets and trace them

How can I get access to the Customer Portal?

You can make use of the registration page if you have Customer ID. If you have a question or trouble with registration, you can consult your personal manager or contact

Where can I find Service Level Availability (SLA) statistics?

This statistics is available only upon request. Please, consult your account manager.

I am your IP Transit client and experience a connectivity issue. What should I do?

You should contact the RETN NOC, indicate your Customer and Service ID and describe your problem. If the issue is connected with particular resources, the message should contain traceroute output with fixed source and destination (IP address). If possible, please also provide us with the reverse traceroute.

I need to filter one of my IP addresses. Do you have a Blackhole Community?

Yes, we have a Blackhole community 9002:666, for more information see BGP Communities section. A blackhole announced by a client gets validated (i.e., it is verified whether the best path to the announced more specific route is chosen via this IP-transit BGP session) and is spread throughout the RETN’s network. The maximum amount of blackhole routes which can be received from one BGP-neighbour cannot exceed 100 routes.
At the moment the new blackholing system is fully operational. The old system (multihop-session with a blackhole server) is taken out of service.

I am under a DDoS attack. What should I do?

If you are already under DDoS attack and urgently need to set up a filter on RETN’s network side, you should contact our NOC team by email and by phone to ensure immediate reaction. If you wish to get a better protection and avoid new DDoS attacks in future, get to know more about protection methods we offer here.

I would like to have a custom filter set up by RETN. Is it possible?

If you wish to have a specific filter (filtering by interface, bandwidth limitation etc.) configured by RETN permanently for your service, you should contact your account manager. Permanent custom filtering is a service available for extra payment.

Can I test my connection speed?

We have multiple speedtest servers located across the RETN network, with uplink speeds of 10 Gbps +. The easiest way to check, is to navigate to, search for RETN servers and choose the one which is closest to your site. If you need to test your VPLS/Layer2&3 VPN etc. or require another type of testing, for ex. iperf, please drop us an e-mail at We shall be happy to provide you with necessary information.

Where and how is content filtering applied?

Content filtering is applied on the customer service interfaces and depends on local government acts. For example, RETN customers in the Russian Federation are denied access to particular URI on the specified IP addresses listed in Unified Registry of Forbidden Resources. Such limitation cannot be considered as a flaw in service quality level.

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