ReTN joins AMS-IX partner program

AMSix_PartnerLogoReTN has become a reseller of AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) in Amsterdam. The international network operator joins AMS-IX’s successful partner program to provide its wide range of wholesale and corporate clients with access to the exchange platform in Amsterdam.

By joining AMS-IX’s partner program, ReTN significantly increases its presence and services in Western Europe. As official AMS-IX reseller, ReTN is able to resell AMS-IX ports anywhere the company has infrastructure connected to the AMS-IX colocations in Amsterdam. Under the program, ReTN is certified to offer the AMS-IX service remotely and provide its customers with increased peering benefits.

“We started our activities in the Russian and Eastern European markets, but through customer demand extended our network to Western Europe, North America and Asia too. As more access providers and content companies rely on ReTN to deliver their traffic globally and improve their network, our partnership with AMS-IX is an important step in our growth strategy. We believe that our customers can heavily profit from AMS-IX’s experience, quality platform and wide variety of connected networks,” says Tony O’Sullivan, Director of ReTN.

“ReTN is a well-known name in our industry and we are very pleased that the group decided to join our platform. I believe this collaboration will be beneficial for both parties. ReTN’s customers get access to our platform, while ReTN, with their extensive network in Eastern Europe and Russia, can help us further grow our ever increasing ecosystem,” says Mark Cooper, CCO of AMS-IX.


AMS-IX is a neutral and independent Internet exchange based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Interconnecting close to 700 IP networks, having a business traffic peak of almost 3 Terabit per second and providing an innovative technical platform, makes AMS-IX the world’s leading Internet exchange. The AMS-IX platform provides a professional, high quality, non-blocking peering service for all types of IP traffic, be it regular IP data such as email or web content, to also video/TV, voice and hosting and cloud services.