Managing Director of RETN Ukraine and Black Sea Region performed at the UKOS 202

Elena Lutsenko, Managing Director RETN Ukraine and Black Sea Region held a session at the 11th Ukrainian Conference of Communication Operators #UCOS on June 18th. Elena discussed exclusive lifehacks for a great seller, exchanging her unique experience with colleagues.

At RETN we always try to use best practices from the industry and never hesitate to share our lifehacks.

Among other useful tips, Elena mentioned the following:

1. Determine for yourself who you are and why you are doing it.
2. Just love your client, honestly and fairly!
3. You should only come to the client in the right mood, healthy, neat, and according to the dress code
4. Ask questions and listen!
5. Be sure to prepare for a meeting or contact! Get to know the company in advance
6. Common Interests help you establish closer contact. It is easier for people from the same community to negotiate.

Ukrainian Conference of Communication Operators is a large-scale event of the Ukrainian telecom market that is held yearly in Bukovel. The series of events took place from the 17th of June to the 20th of June in Radisson Blu Resort Bukovel.