Working with BNIX

RETN has become a participant of the Brussels Internet traffic exchange point (BNIX, Interxion Belgium n.v. Wezembeekstraat 2 Bus 1 B – 1930 Zaventem). This is the 9th European traffic exchange point where RETN is involved.


Working with BCIX

RETN has joined BCIX (Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange, I/P/B Carrier Colo, Lutzowstrasse 105/106, D-10785 Berlin). BCIX has become the 8th Internet traffic exchange hub for RETN in Europe.


Working with VIX

RETN transit hub in Vienna (Interxion, Louis-Hafliger-Gasse 10, Objekt 50, 1210 Vienna) upgraded to access hub. RETN joined VIX (Vienna Internet eXchange), the 10th Internet Exchange for RETN and 7th in Western Europe.


Juniper MX routers

As a way to proactively anticipate traffic growth, the core of the RETN IP trunk network has been switched to Juniper MX routers. The IP network core currently uses 6 Juniper MX routers: in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Stockholm, Amsterdam, New York and Ashburn (Washington DC)

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