Умощнение панъевропейского маршрута DWDM

RETN провел умощнение панъевропейского DWDM кольца, увеличив его пропускную способность на 18%. Сквозная пропускная способность DWDM сети достигла 700 Гб/с на южном направлении Москва — Киев — Франкфурт и 600 Гб/с на северном направлении Москва — Стокгольм — Франкфурт. На участке Москва — Воронеж полоса пропускания DWDM сети вышла на уровень 1 Тб/с.


International Private Lines (Ukraine)

The Ukrainian legal entity RETN, part of the RETN group, has obtained the license for International Private Lines (IPLC) covering the territory of the Ukraine. The license term is 10 years. Now RETN is legally capable of delivering IPLC from the Ukraine to Europe, Russia and other parts of the world. Prior to obtaining the license most of RETN business in the Ukraine was related to IP services. At the moment the total active capacity, which goes through the Ukraine, exceeds 600 Gbps and 300 Gbps.


Moscow, Stockholm, Frankfurt PoP upgrade

RETN has tripled its ports capacity of Juniper MX960 Edge Routers in Moscow, Stockholm and Frankfurt. Dense Port Concentrators (DPCs) were replaced with the latest model Fixed Configuration Modular Port Concentrators (MPC), having sixteen 10-Gb Ethernet ports per card. Also additional direct Router-to-Router connections Moscow — Frankfurt — Stockholm -Moscow are organised for optimal distribution of the transit IP traffic in the RETN network. The upgrade will allow to raise Internet traffic up to 1320 Gbps on each of these PoPs.


Pan-European DWDM upgrade

RETN has upgraded the equipment units of its pan-European DWDM ring in order to increase network bandwidth. Now, in the southern part of the  ring the end-to-end Russia-Europe bandwidth is 300 Gbps, and in the north — 500 Gbps. More than half of this band is involved in the transmission of Internet traffic in its own RETN IP network.