RETN is a leading remote peering provider, connecting an extensive number of customers through its expanded and highly protected network, accounting for a large proportion of the global remote peering market.  Remote IX service enables you to use RETN’s infrastructure and port capacity to access multiple geographic points: no hardware costs, no colocation costs, use a single port for multiple exchanges. Compared to IP Transit and direct peering, this service allows you to benefit from traffic routing redundancy and low latency at a low cost.

RETN offers remote connection to multiple IXPs:


Service Features and Benefits

  • access to multiple IX and other RETN services on a single port
  • available via all RETN on-net PoPs
  • extension of customer’s network due to RETN’s large-scale backbone and access to other networks peering on the IX
  • optimisation and control of traffic on operational and qualitative level
  • cost minimisation of purchasing, installation and maintenance of equipment
  • single point of contact for contract, service set up and management
  • highly professional maintenance and control of the connection between you and the IX
  • qualified 24×7 technical support