Facts about The RETN Eurasian Way


TRANSKZ – facts & features you should know.

In June 2019 we announced the completion of TRANSKZ – The RETN Eurasian Way.

TRANSKZ has gone through a series of upgrades, resulted in the launch of a unique cable system to connect Europe and Asia.

Developed and operated by RETN, TRANSKZ has become one of the shortest terrestrial routes on the market, linking all major locations in Europe to Central and East Asia across one network.

Due to outstanding network performance and geographical coverage, as well as high service availability, the RETN Eurasian Way stands out from existing terrestrial solutions and brings a truly alternative to subsea cables.

For additional information – facts, numbers, routes and features, please consult TRANSKZ Brochure.

To send questions and requests for quotes, please use market@retn.net or general contact form.

At the end of October 2019 TRANSKZ won the “Project of the Year – Terrestrial” award at the Global Carrier Awards.

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